School History


The school facilities include an historic bluestone building that houses a classroom with an adjoining kitchen. There are also two new classrooms, a Sports Shed, Art Shed, storage shed and toilet facilities (a male/female toilet block and a combined staff/integration toilet). Our administration area includes the staffroom, Principal's office and general office.


The grounds surrounding the buildings, have passive and active recreational facilities including playgrounds, picnic/barbecue area, and access to adjoining tennis courts.


Adjacent to the school run two creeks which provide a focus for environmental studies. Unfortunately the creeks have flooded the school on a number of occasions, the worst being January 2011.  


The school is pleasantly shaded by established trees, both native and European.


Continued development of the grounds provide further recreational and environmental learning areas for the children.









In early February 2014 our school was seriously impacted by two fires which started in Mickleham and Clarkefield.  Thankfully, due to the fantastic efforts of our own Victorian CFA & MFB firefighters and those from the NSW Rural Fire Services, the school remained unscathed.





Floods have been a problem for the school over the years with the most serious in 2011.  The school grounds were totally underwater.  Thankfully, only the bluestone/kitchen areas were the only areas seriously impacted by the water level.