First Steps to Foundation

The aim of our ‘FIRST STEPS TO FOUNDATION’ program is to ensure that future Foundation students have the best start and transition to formal schooling. The program consists of five scheduled school visits in which the children will participate in a variety of classroom and school activities.

This is a wonderful opportunity for children to get a taste of school life by enjoying engaging activities and make new friends prior to starting school.


2023 Transition dates -  


Session 1 -  9-00am to 11-30am        Tuesday, 17th October

Session 2 -  9-00am to 11-30pm        Tuesday, 31st October

Session 3 -  9-00am to 1-30pm          Tuesday, 21st November

Session 4 -  9-00am to 1-30pm          Tuesday, 28th November

Session 5 -  Full Day                          Tuesday, 12th December


If you have any queries please contact the school.