Child Safety

Darraweit Guim Primary School fundamentally believes that all children have the right to a life that is free from harm.  Our school provides an environment that is free from any type of abuse and foster a child’s growth and development as per the individual requirements of each child.


Staff at our school are aware of their obligations under the law in regards to the welfare of children and at all times uphold their obligation.  In addition to this, our school provides regular training to all staff on child protection issues to ensure that the school can act quickly in the best interests of the child if needed.  All children enrolling at our school enjoy a smooth transition that enables them to become part of our school with a minimum of disruption and maximum support.



Our Child Safety policy and statement of commitment to child safety details:

  • the principles that will guide the school in developing policies and procedures to create and maintain a child safe school environment; and
  • the actions the school proposes to take to:
    • demonstrate its commitment to child safety and monitor the school's adherence to its child safety policy;
    • support, encourage and enable school staff, parents, and children to understand, identify, discuss and report child safety matters; and
    • support or assist children who disclose child abuse, or are otherwise linked to suspected child abuse

We have zero tolerance of child abuse. All allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously and consistently with our robust policies and procedures.